The First Days

Each child is assigned a key worker. We will endeavour to help all children to settle in quickly and will work together with parents to help their child feel happy, confident and secure in the group. This process takes longer for some children than it does for others. Parents should not feel worried or embarrassed if their child takes a little while to settle.

Pre-School Daily Routine

Below is a general guide as to how we organise the sessions:

11.50am – 12.30pm– Lunch club

The children are welcomed into the pre-school in the reception area. Once settled, the children will then sit at the tables in the main area and eat their lunch (packed lunches need to be brought in from home please). Lunchtime is fully supervised and the staff are there to help encourage the children to eat independently but also offer help wherever it’s needed.

12.30pm– Welcome and Registration

Children are welcomed and settled in to the Pre-School session. This is the best time for parents/carers to let the staff know if their children are upset or unsettled and mention if if anyone other than a recognised parent/carer will be collecting their child at the end of the session.

1pm – Circle time

We use this time to discuss basic concepts such as days of the week, the weather etc and to cover the activities available for that session.

1.15pm– Free play/Focus Activity

Children work independently or together, engaged in stimulating and ordered activities which they have chosen for themselves. The staff spend this time with the children talking, listening, encouraging and assisting if required.

1.30pm – Inside/Outside freeflow play opens

Weather permitting, the children are taken to the outside area where there is ample space and freedom to move around in a safe, supervised environment with various outdoor play equipment.

2.30-3pm – Rolling snack opens

The children can choose to come and have a healthy snack and drink during this time. This is a sociable time when the children have a drink of milk or water and a small snack. The children are encouraged to be at their ease and to extend their language and communication skills.

3.00pm – Tidy up time

The children are encouraged to be involved in tidying up the toys and activities from each session.

3.10pm – Singing/story time

All the children join together on the carpet for songs and rhymes. Musical instruments are sometimes used to accompany the singing and story sacks are sometimes used to accompany the stories.

3.20-3.30pm – Home time

The Pre-School welcomes the parents/carers of the children during this time. We are always happy to talk with parents at this time, to discuss any problems or concerns.